Italians raise personal adornment to the level of high art. The cut of a suit, the height of a heel, and the link in a gold chain are essential elements in the pursuit of bella figura. Florence is an international fashion capital and Palazzo Pitti hosted the first Italian runway shows in 1951.

Palazzo Tornabuoni is at the heart of stylish Florence; lined with elegant boutiques, it’s the city’s answer to via Montenapoleone in Milan or via Condotti in Rome. Bulgari, Bottega Veneta, Stefano Ricci and Cartier cluster within the Palazzo walls, while most of the other fashion names that make Italy such a magnet for international trendsetters are located just steps from the Palazzo. But with the help of Palazzo Tornabuoni’s well-informed Club Attachés, owners can also explore some of the bespoke tailors, cobblers and artisans that make the city a fashion destination for fashion cognoscenti.

Food & Wine

An integral part of Florentine style is its appreciation of life’s simple pleasures like fine Tuscan food and wine. Classic Florentine dishes like ribollita soup or bistecca alla fiorentina, the thick, succulent T-bone steak that consists of nothing more than the very best Chianina beef, grilled to perfection over a wood fire, channel the locals’ intuition that quality speaks for itself.

Palazzo Tornabuoni’s Club Attachés can arrange for a talented local chef to cook for you in your residence, but there is far more on offer for owners wanting to delve into Tuscany’s rich food and wine traditions. Perhaps a cookery lesson preceded by a shopping expedition to the city’s buzzing San Lorenzo market, with its colourful displays of seasonal fruit and vegetables and encylopedic range of fragrant cheeses and tasty salumi (cured meats). Or, in the autumn, a truffle hunting expedition in the woods of Chianti with a local expert.

Discovering Florence & Tuscany

Your days are leisurely, but filled with the promise of adventure. Plan your afternoon over a prosecco and truffle panino at Procacci. Stroll through the city’s flower market or stop at a grocer’s shop to sample a tangy Pecorino cheese. Bring home a bottle of ‘97 Solaia to sip through the evening on your Palazzo terrace.

Tornabuoni’s Attaché service has been created to help residents feel at home in the city, putting the private world of Florence and Tuscany at their

Privileged access to private art collections, gardens and wine cellars is a unique feature of Palazzo Tornabuoni Membership. The Palace’s close ties with some of Florence’s oldest families opens doors to private collections, museums and villas rarely seen by the public.

Cosmopolitan culture and art lives across the street at Palazzo Strozzi, Florence’s dynamic Renaissance, modern and contemporary arts exhibition space, which has helped to transform the area into one of the city’s most lively cultural neighbourhoods.

Beyond Florence, Tuscany offers an array of attractions. Owners can enjoy tennis on red-clay courts; ride at a world-class equestrian centre; play
golf on one of Tuscany’s oldest courses, attend one of Europe’s finest football matches or take in the drama, ritual and colour of Siena’s world-famous
Palio horse race.

Walk through rows of vine-covered hills with estate owners, taste their wines directly from the barrel and share in a leisurely lunch at their family table. Palazzo Tornabuoni’s close relationships with many of Tuscany’s finest vineyards, including Argentiera, Fonterutoli and Antinori, offers Members exclusive entrance into Italy’s legendary viticulture at the oldest family estates.